Living with Purpose Takes Practice

And you need the right tool.

Life Note helps you journal your story, guided by legends, to achieve your long-term goals.

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Life becomes a struggle when we can't connect with ourselves.

It's not our fault. The digital age is overwhelming. But you need to take the control back.

People's #1 Regret

I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

4,680 Weeks

is all the time you have in a 90 year journey.

89% of People

believe in the concept of "Higher Self", and connecting to it can bring immense benefits such as increased happiness, enhanced creativity, greater intuition and inner peace.

Life Note Connects You with Yourself & Your Life

Life Note comes with a personal journal, life goal planner, subconscious analytics, inspiring mentors, life calendar, and so much more.

For Every Stages of Your Inner Journey

The most important things in life are intangible. It's important to visualize them and put them into words so we feel their presence with us everyday.

Discover Your Life's Task, Desire, and Unawared Thoughts

Journal to gain clarity on your emotions, relationships, and topics that's important to you.

Plan & Act On Your Long-term Goals

Thinking long-term is much easier when you have tools and visualization that force you to.

Become More Creative with Your Inspirational Mentors and Their Perspectives

Hear stories from your role models, they will remember you and provide you with the most timely wisdom.


A Lifelong Tool that Elevates Your Purpose

Life Note comes with a suite of tools designed to make you pay attention to the important things in life. It's your journal, your meditative place to ponder about life your goal planner, and your own sacred writing space.

  • Journal by speaking or writing

  • Achieve goals with personalized prompts

  • goal--v1

    Plan and manifest goals with proven methods

  • Understand your emotions, relationships, and topic of interests

  • ball-point-pen

    Write with curated prompts from writers, books, and frameworks

  • planner

    Focus on the big picture through life calendar

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April 5th, 2022

"Today was particularly tough. I know that building something new is never simple. There are days when the pieces click together effortlessly, and then there are days like today when everything feels like a mismatch. I find myself asking, 'How did the visionaries do it? How did they stay driven when faced with such challenges?' "

Steve Jobs Avatar
Dear Daniel,

Creating groundbreaking products isn't about cracking a code or winning a race; it's about starting with the customer experience and working backward to the technology. It’s not about pressure; it's about passion. If you care enough about your work, you'll endure the frustration of seeing the gap between what you envision and the current reality. Stay foolish in your curiosity, but be disciplined in your execution."

Steve Jobs

Gain Valuable Perspectives from 700+ AI Mentors across 14+ Professions as
Entrepreneur Writer Scientist Musician Athlete Chef

Turn the pages of your journal into a dialogue with destiny. Here, the titans of industry, art, and spirit become your personal mentors, their voices guiding your pen. It's where your private musings meet public genius, crafting a narrative that's uniquely yours.

Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant Athlete
Sam Altman Sam Altman Entrepreneur
Rick Rubin Rick Rubin Producer
Steve Jobs Steve Jobs Entrepreneur
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Musician
Carl Jung Carl Jung Psychiatrist
Coco Chanel Coco Chanel Designer
Naval Ravikant Naval Ravikant Entrepreneur
Jensen Huang Jensen Huang Entrepreneur
Warren Buffet Warren Buffet Investor
Shunryū Suzuki Shunryū Suzuki Spiritual Teacher
Andrew Huberman Andrew Huberman Scientist
Paul Graham Paul Graham Entrepreneur
Richard Feynman Richard Feynman Physicist
Rene Descartes Rene Descartes Philosopher
Socrates Socrates Philosopher
Buddha Buddha Spiritual Teacher
Charles Darwin Charles Darwin Scientist
Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla Scientist
Serena Williams Serena Williams Athelete
Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci Scientist

What Life Note Users Say

“ I just used Life Note for a bit and cannot say more than I absolutely loved it! I love the bridge between spirituality and AI! The feature of "Life" is amazing!! And I think it's really cool you can see dates of special events over your own life. ”

Guus van Rees

Guus van Rees

Life Note User

“ After using your plateform for 2 days now, the journaling with Jung is so real that I really felt like I’m personally talking to him. His answers was so accurate that I was shocked, in a positive way, for sure. This tool is a must-have for all the people who want to engage in the individuation process and don’t have the means to do with a Jungian therapist. Again, I’m very grateful to be able to have it after one week of starting journaling about my shadow. What a synchronicity. ”

Youssef Boumehdi Abdelati

Youssef Boumehdi Abdelati

Shadow Work Practioner

“ Just wanted to let you know these last few journal responses by my mentor really spoke to me personally 😭😍 I love how tailored the responses are and also the fact that it "remembers" what I wrote in the previous entries 🤯 It really feels like my mentor is on this journey with me. I can’t wait to journal more and read more of the responses 🥳 ”

Charlotte Juan

Charlotte Juan

Journaling Practitioner

“ As a spiritual practitioner, this tool is absolutely what I needed. It provides me with so many different perspectives in my life that lead to better living. I would recommend it to people who want to develop their spirituality and creativity more sincerely and seriously. ”

Vicky Lee

Vicky Lee

Vipassana Practitioner

“ The inspirations are a major reason I choose to use this platform because it allows me to achieve more in my life.”

Jason Huang

Jason Huang

Meditation Practitioner


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Frequently Asked Questions

I've created Life Note to achieve a few things

    1. To make sure I'm working on my most important purpose in life. The tool can help discover, fine-tune, and keep one focus on the long-term goals in life.

    2. To make appreciating life's fragility easier. It's mind blowing to find out how little time we have in our life and it makes me sad when time is wasted on the futile things.

    3. To become more self-aware of what's influencing my daily thoughts. Karma is a b**ch and we can only break it if we can see it.

    4. To make it into a tool that amplifies our creativity. I've been really obssessed about what creativity is and how we can use tools to make us more creative.

I've used Evernote, Notion, Logseq, Coda and none of them meet my spiritual and creative needs.

Your innermost thoughts are just that — yours.

Life Note is built on the foundation of privacy. With end-to-end encryption, your words travel securely from your heart to our server. In conversations with AI, your anonymity is sacred.

We are also researching with differential privacy, ensuring that your personal narratives contribute to the collective wisdom without ever revealing your identity, much like Apple's approach to privacy and personalization.

Currently, Life Note is a one-person labor of love, so mobile accessibility awaits future chapters.

There's something uniquely tranquil about sitting down at your desk, opening your laptop, and spilling your thoughts into a journal . It’s a deliberate pause in a day, a moment of calm introspection.

Yet, if you crave this experience on mobile, I'm all ears — your feedback could well be the compass that guides this journey.

The product is inspired by Tim Urban's article "Your Life in Weeks". It's a simple visualization that reveals the shortness of life and how modern humans, deeply entrenched in digital chaos, become increasingly unable to appreciate life.

This is where the idea began. I aimed to create not just a digital reminder but something both powerful and useful. It's not merely another productivity enhancer; it's designed to bring you mental clarity and ignite authentic aspiration.

Digital journaling should not feel like writing into the void. We can harness technology and design to elevate our collective spirituality. Consider Life Note as your personal meditative space and source of inspiration—a place to pause and reflect, reminding you that each day is a story worth noticing, and it is you who gives it meaning.

I’m not here to bedazzle you with AI. Rather, I’ve been reflecting on how this technology can enhance our spiritual growth and creativity without sacrificing our productivity. As both a tech professional and a decade-long meditation practitioner, it's evident to me that AI should elevate our existence — grounding us firmly in the present, unlocking our subconscious, and unraveling the complexities within. Without mindful direction, we risk drifting amid a current of AI entities that overlook the essence of our humanity.